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CW/AD: Meridith Coen

Get Lost in Lush Land

Insight: 42% of people escape to the bathroom for moments of solace. 

Idea: Lush puts the rest back into restroom. Welcome to Lush Land. 


Lush Lemon.gif
Lush Blue.gif
Lush Gifs.gif
Lush Bush Shelter.png

Lush Land Speakeasy Spa

The Lush Land experience is a speakeasy spa that transports guests to a experience where natural cosmetics will surprise and inspire you. What looks like a NYC fruit stand is actually a portal to a world of relaxation. Each room embodies a different whimsical product. Pick bath bombs off tropical plants and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Lush Land lady.png
Lush Land Speak Easy.png
Lush Land Door.png


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