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CW/AD: Meridith Coen & VCU team

Insight: The average lifespan of the dollar is about 6 hours in Black communities versus 28 days in Asian communities, 19 days in Jewish communities, and 17 days in white communities.

Idea: How can your dollar do better? In Black Women we trust.

2nd Place Winner for Camp ADventure - An Advertising internship and creative competition hosted by the VCU Robertson School of Media and Culture.


Instagram slideshows show how buying from and donating to BFABW helps circulate money into the Black Community. 

Real stories from Black Women Business Owners like Francis Stennis will be highlighted to encourage donations. 

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A new kind of directory is available at BFABW business locations with QR codes to shop or join the directory.

The inner contents will showcase business stories that align with BFABW principles and show the power of philanthropy.

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This is the start of the series #InBlackWomenWeTrust which will connect different shops to BFABW, donors, and customers. Tiktok will introduce information about the guide, In Black Women We Trust, with ways to help support their community and give a behind-the-scenes look into BFABW.


TikTok will empower Black Women Business Owners through daily takeovers that will show their brand, stores, and products. 


BFABW will also go live and create content about BFABW and its Black Women Business owners which will help bring in donations, answer questions in real-time and create a more personal conversation. 


The website redesign will help personalize and optimize the user experience. Features include a call to action to donate, recurring donations, and a way to search for businesses by location. 

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