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CW: Abigail Adams

AD: Meridith Coen & Sarah Marraffino

2023 Gold ADDY winner


Insight: Sharing household chores like the dishes increases relationship satisfaction and your sex life. 

Idea: Scrub Daddy is bringing sexy back and saving relationships one dish at a time.

OOH Subway Car

SD_Vertical Subway ad-01.png
SD_Vertical Subway ad-02 (1).png
SD_46_x_11_Subway_Ad2_-02 (1).png

Duo Pack

Gone are the days of a primary spongeholder. Whether you’re splitting the dishes or doing them together, we know it’ll be turning up the steam in the kitchen and the bedroom which is why we used this packaging re-design as a way to teach some foreplay.

Plus, you can choose the packaging that best fits your relationship so you and your partner will have your own sponge.

Sexy Duo Pack Mommy and Mommy Front.png
Sexy Duo Pack Daddy and Daddy Front.png
Sexy Duo Pack Mommy and Daddy Front.png

In-Store Product Placement

You’re looking to spice up your relationship but you’re searching the condom aisle instead of the household aisle. Who knew that equitable household work would be the biggest turn-on? After your partner gets ahold of this sponge, you’ll be saying “Yas, daddy.” 

Scrub Daddy Condom Aisle2.png

TikTok Content

Scrub hub

Come for the content, leave with a new perspective on housework.

Scrub hub is the microsite for this campaign where you can find unlimited content on how to make the most of your sudsy time and buy your duo packs.

Scrub Hub (Presentation (169)).gif
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