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CW: Spencer Hickman

AD: Meridith Coen & Sarah Marraffino

Letterboxd is the movie lovers' social platform. Movies connect people because you are what you watch; strangers can watch a film together and come out as friends. With Letterboxd, the social network of cinema, your night will never end on a cliffhanger.

It’s no secret that Films Make Unlikely Friends.

Movie Match Mock Up2.png


Are you a rom-com lover in a sea of horror fanatics?

Obsessed with musicals but can’t find anyone to watch Mamma Mia with?

It’s time to meet your Movie Match on Letterboxd.

Based on user data like watchlists, past reviews, and favorite genres, Letterboxd will connect Pro members to a cinephile with a similar taste profile. Matches can chat in-app, sync streaming for a virtual watch party, and share reviews, lists, and recommendations.


Matches will receive a voucher for a complimentary Snackbox through the mail to enjoy while they watch with their new friend.

Snackbox 3D 3.png


Cult films deserve a director’s cut.

The Letterboxd Cinema is open.

LetterboxdCinemaBus Shelter.png

The Letterboxd Cinema is a whole new way to experience film and television.

It is a sleek, mobile pop-up that invites award-winning cinema influencers to watch and discuss cult classics.

These conversations will be recorded and uploaded to the Letterboxd YouTube channel in a mini-series, where cinephiles can hear expert insights about fan-favorite films, like a dissection of Psycho with Jordan Peele and Tim Burton.

The pop-up will appear in iconic locations like Times Square in NYC and Hollywood Boulevard in LA, yet still house an intimate and sound-proof setting for the guests. 



Don’t just dream of stardom; there’s enough limelight for all of us.

Attend the biggest night in film through The Letterbot.

The Letterbot is a smart robot that will attend the Oscars, interact with film stars, and livestream the entire night in virtual reality.

Equipped with a 360 camera, the bot will have a front-row seat to the award ceremony and allow Letterboxd users to experience the event through its eyes.

Prior to the awards ceremony, The Letterbot will grace the red carpet, asking attendees user-generated questions and reading relevant Letterboxd reviews to nominated actors and directors.

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